The geoBingAn End-user License Agreement and Personal Information Protection Policy v.2018.6.12

Welcome to our "geoBingAn (究平安)" mobile application service. In order to use geoBingAn service, the photographs, media, files, and geographic location information stored in your mobile device will be accessed and the necessary photographing and recording might be performed under your instruction to facilitate the data submitting to the platform. This Agreement will be presented to You in full at the the first activation, by using the Program and clicking the "Accept" button, You indicate your acceptance of this End-user License Agreement to do so, and all its terms and conditions for using the Data provided on it.

1. Use for any purpose for the submitted data without copyright restriction

After the de-identification process, the data submitted by You to the geoBingAn platform including text information, geographic information, sound recording and video should be treated as a factual record that is not subject to copyright protection and can be analyzed and utilized without copyright restriction by the receiver and other individuals afterwards.

2. Disclaimer for the geoBingAn service

The geoBingAn management group shall not be liable for damage or loss User encounters when You make use of the Data provided under the License. This disclaimer applies as well when You have third parties encountered damage or loss and thus have been claimed for remedies. Unless otherwise specified according to law, the geoBingAn management group shall not be held responsible for any damages or compensations herein.

3. Reminder for the responsibilities of intentional misconduct

User shall be liable for the damages if You have used the geoBingAn Data wrongfully due to an intentional or negligent misconduct.

4. Personal Information Protection principles for the collection, processing and use

The geoBingAn management group collects the information of Users and makes part of these information published on the geoBingAn platform for public access. For the internal limited use part, including email address, phone number, personal identification, geographic location attached to specific personal identification, IP address, cookies, and use time, etc., shall only be used for authentication, contacting, and study purpose for promoting the service quality of geoBingAn program and platform before the de-identification process. And those Personal Information shall only be processed and accessed by the geoBingAn management group itself and other collaborators with non-disclosure agreement signed for it in the encrypted status. For the external public part, only when You have made public such information by yourself through the submission process of geoBingAn service, shall those information be published accordingly under your instruction on the geoBingAn platform.

5. Permission for the de-identification such as quantitative processing for the Personal Information

You agree that geoBingAn management group can perform the de-identification process on the information you submitted, such as quantitative processing, after the received date of the information for 6 months. Shall the outcome of the de-identification be able to rationally detached to the original Personal Information, it will be treated as no Personal Information involved thereafter, and can be used without restriction beyond the original purpose of collection.

6. Inquiry for the reviewing, correcting, ceasing use, and deleting of Personal Information

Shall You have any concern about Personal Information protection issues, please be kindly submitting your inquiry for reviewing, correcting, ceasing use, transferring, and deleting of that specific Personal Information with regard to You to the geoBingAn management group at: . Your inquiry shall be assigned to the staff in charge and well taken to provide You the timely and reasonable solution in a month.

7. EULA modification and notification

To be fully compliant to the law and related regulations, the geoBingAn management group might make the modification on the License from time to time. When a revision has been made, the notification will be delivered to You by news pushing mechanism of the geoBingAn program. By clicking the "Agree" button and continuously using the Program, You indicate your acceptance of the revision End-user License Agreement to do so.

究平安使用條款暨隱私政策 v.2018.6.12

歡迎使用「究平安(geoBingAn)」即時聯絡與訊息回報工具軟體,當你使用本軟體時,究平安將依你的指示存取裝置中的相片、媒體、檔案、位置資訊,並進行必要之拍照、錄音、錄影後,向 資訊協調平台完成資料上傳,當你第一次安裝並啟用本軟體時,本使用條款暨隱私政策會對您明確顯示,你的點擊同意並繼續使用視為書面同意本使用條款及其隱私政策。

1. 上傳資料得不受限制再被利用


2. 服務使用之免責聲明


3. 惡意使用資料須自負其責


4. 個人資料之蒐集、處理及利用原則


5. 相關資料之去識別化與量化處理


6. 個人資料查閱、更正、停止利用,及轉移之回報機制

使用者對於其為當事人之任一筆資料的呈現,有個人隱私及其他合法權利防護產生衝突的疑惑,可透過 提供之回報機制,將對該筆資料進行查閱、更正、停止利用,以及刪除的意見回饋予究平安管理團隊。究平安管理團隊對此回報將責成專人處理,並允諾於收受回報一個月內具體回覆處理狀態。

7. 條款與政策之修訂與生效